At Re-Restore we recycle, restore, refinish, rejuvenate and re-purpose all types of wood and turn them into unbelievable projects.  All products are made in Canada using locally sourced

materials.  Utilizing traditional woodworking tools and CNC technology we can produce custom,  personalized items.


CNC Capabilities:

49-inch-wide CNC bed which allows for items 48 inches wide by any length.

2D and 3D Models can be produced.

Rotary (lathe) capabilities.

Complete design services using Vectric Aspire software.

Product Information


To clean your board simple wipe with soap and water then dry  with a soft cloth. 


  • Do not submerse in water.
  • Do not clean in a dishwasher. The hot water and steam cycle can ruin the board. 
  • Do not recondition with anything but food grade mineral oil. Vegetable oil, olive oil, and many other oils will turn rancid after a period of time.
  • Do not scrub cutting board with steel wool or anything too abrasive as this can remove the conditioning oil. 

Files coming soon.

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